Rental Investments

Rental investments are investments in hard assets tangible commodities like real estate, industrial equipment, agricultural land, and industrial or forestry equipment. These are all tangible assets that are nonperishable and have intrinsic value.

Why invest in rental investments?

Because rental investments deliver monthly income and eliminate risk to capital.

Long term, rental investments can stabilize your portfolio and anchor your investments to guide steady investment growth. Rental investments are direct investments that deliver an array of good qualities including portfolio balance, stable income, reduced market volatility, a hedge against inflation and the potential of capital appreciation.

Diversification is the most important element of every investor’s asset allocations and rental investments will build a truly diversified portfolio, one that is reliable, delivering both monthly income and capital preservation – the two most important elements of any investment. Elements which the securities markets do not and never have offered nor delivered.

Industrial Equipment

Over the past several years, equipment rental companies have grown immensely since recognizing the opportunity to offer a cost-efficient rental option to fill the needs of their commercial customers looking to reduce inventories and stimulate cash flows.

Transportation Equipment Rentals

Transportation Equipment have a 63-year track record as one of the most profitable and safest asset classes across the world, because there is no alternative to the transportation equipment which is used for transportation all over the world.

Student Accommodation Services

Student Accommodation Services through Foundation Capital will not only help you source a prime piece of real estate near a reputable University where rental properties remain in demand all year long; sought after by eager university students. SAS is one of the safest investments that you could make because there are many universities and thousands of students in each one.

Buy to Let Cars

This investment opportunity is a bit different from traditional investment methods and delivers consistently high returns for our investors with our asset-backed scheme.

Commercial Transportation Vehicles

Invest in commercial transportation vehicles and rent them to industries for their logistical needs, and receive monthly cash payments on the buy to let contracts.