Student Accommodation Services

Foundation Capital’s newest hard asset on the bill: Student Accommodation Services will help all investors solidify a healthy diversification of assets within their investment portfolio. 

Student Accommodation Services through Foundation Capital will not only help you source a prime piece of real estate near a reputable University where rental properties remain in demand all year long; but will guarantee rental growth year and year and that your property will be sought after by eager university students. SAS is one of the safest investments that you could make because there are many universities and thousands of students in each one.

Enrollment growth is your metric to watch. With enrollment growth comes the need for housing growth and you and Foundation Capital are coming together just as this investment fast lane kicks into overdrive.  In the next ten years, based on population growth in our prior decade, we estimate that University (all levels) enrollments at major universities shall grow year over year for the next ten years.

SAS investor benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Monthly Rental Returns
  • Foundation Capital’s comprehensive investing reports
  • First Look at the Most Distinguished and Exclusive New Developments
  • Prime Investment Property Locations
  • A Constant Stream of Reliable, Educated Renters
  • Monthly Passive Income and Ascending Property Values

Student accommodation is a very attractive income producing investment opportunity that Foundation Capital is currently recommending.

Why is it so attractive?

Think of it this way: When the U.S. Economy finally slows down, demand for student housing typically increases due to the number of people that return to further their education in times of hardship.  In the meantime, student property rental will remain a steady and lucrative investment for those who have purchased this piece of real estate. This is a virtually fail-proof investment strategy.