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Our core team of independent financial advisors have decades of building wealth for clients.

Our advisors specialize on income- producing investments that preserve capital. 

We identify and audit a wide range of investment opportunities that deliver monthly income and Capital preservation.


Invest and receive passive income every month.

"The foundation of all sustainable wealth is rental income."


Investments in physical items that have real-world value equivalent to or greater than what you invested.

Cash payments every month that enable you to live the life you desire.

Rental investments come with a guaranteed buy back so you can sell your assets at any time and get your initial investment back.

Investments of physical assets that have insurance policies against various losses-virtually no risk.

Buy and lease industrial equipment to companies rebuilding China’s National Infrastructure – mega  projects deliver sustainable income for years.

Invest in the booming global economy. Own and rent industrial and construction equipment, with the option to sell it back at any time.

Our specialty is investments that generate monthly passive income.

Our aim is to minimize risk and maximize returns by adding rental income streams to investor portfolios that pay cash every month.

With expert guidance in the field of rental investments our team steers investors to reach their goals and then set even higher ones.


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What Our Clients Say

"I'm getting pretty good income from my investments, which makes a real difference every month."

Günther Zurcher Switzerland

"What I value most about working with Foundation Capital is their amazing service - they always answer my calls right away!"

Mohammed Khan UAE

"Finding good returns is always a challenge, and Foundation Capital always delivers!"

Henry Bannister United Kingdom

"I feel very confident in my investments knowing that they are in insured, and that I can sell them back at any time."

Linda Williams Australia

"I invested through Foundation for years, made great returns, and then sold my assets back to the company as per my contract and used the funds to buy a house."

Dana Christensen Canada

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